A bit about the Boosters.

The Willoughby South Booster Club was created in 1959 when a group of concerned individuals formed a committee to support athletics at the new Willoughby South High School. The early Boosters worked with local businesses to create a football field, stands and the core of the outdoor facilities we have.  In 1975, the Boosters drafted Bylaws and gained non-profit status.  

Work continued including baseball fields, football field lights, concession stands, ticket booths, an all-weather track, combination garage, storage and outdoor basketball courts, and improvements in coaches offices and training room facilities.  In addition, the Boosters hosted social events for its members including ribs and roasts banquets, dances, steak roasts and cookouts and dinner and theater parties.  

Over the years, many great individuals have left their mark on this organization by donating their time, talents and energy to promote athletics at South High.  The volunteers made great strides to improve facilities and opportunities for student athletes.

All of this would not be possible without countless hours of volunteerism from parents, students, and community members: ACADEC, bingo volunteers and crew, stadium and gymnasium gate workers, and South’s athletic sports teams. 

Bingo Volunteers – Bingo remains our number one fundraiser, and started in 1977. Unlike any other fundraiser, we make money every week from the community, with parents contributing only time.  We thank all of the parents and coaches who work at our weekly game.    

Volunteer gate workers (Varsity football and JV and Varsity indoor sports such as Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball and Wrestling).  Game workers volunteer their time so skilled positions do not have to be paid for.

ACADEC – South’s Academic Decathlon team works each Monday after school to set up and wash all of the tables required for bingo.  We are proud to make a donation to their team for the service they provide.

Sports teams – South sports teams have the opportunity to volunteer by selling instant tickets through the bingo game as well as assisting in the clean up process at the end of Bingo.  We are proud to make a donation to the teams who are willing to help the bingo process.  

Bingo crew – There is a core group of people who help with bingo each and every week.  They are the center of the game, and we greatly appreciate all of their volunteer time and true effort to make our game the best in town.  

We do what we do to improve the athletic programs at South High.  None of this would be possible without the generous donations of time, talents and money.

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