A bit about the Boosters.

The Willoughby South Booster Club was created in 1959 when a group of concerned individuals formed a committee to support athletics at the new Willoughby South High School. The early Boosters worked with local businesses to create a football field, stands and the core of the outdoor facilities we have.  In 1975, the Boosters drafted Bylaws and gained non-profit status.  

Work continued including baseball fields, football field lights, concession stands, ticket booths, an all-weather track, combination garage, storage and outdoor basketball courts, and improvements in coaches offices and training room facilities.  In addition, the Boosters hosted social events for its members including ribs and roasts banquets, dances, steak roasts and cookouts and dinner and theater parties.  

Over the years, many great individuals have left their mark on this organization by donating their time, talents and energy to promote athletics at South High.  The volunteers made great strides to improve facilities and opportunities for student athletes.

Fast forward to the fall of 2013.  Under the guidance of Athletic Director Steve Nedlik, a revitalization of the South Boosters happened when a new slate of officers was elected including the first woman Booster.  The new officers led a campaign to examine all aspects of the group.  Bylaws were updated, a mission statement developed, practices and procedures were set in place, communication tools updated and most importantly, the Booster bingo game was examined and revitalized.  This process has led to four years of dramatic growth and large monetary donations to the South Athletic Department.  We are extremely proud to continue to share these results with you.  None of it would be possible without amazing volunteers.

Past four year’s earnings and donations

2012-2013 (Nov 2012 – Oct 2013)Revenue from bingo $43,000

Other revenue sources (includes membership, Reverse Raffle, Golf outing, etc) $34,187

Donations to the Athletic Department totaling $63,000.

Purchases including:  new sound system in the Gym, new Baseball scoreboard, FPF/Booster addition to the outdoor concession stand, shooting machine for Basketball, Wrestling mat, Gymnastics and Bowling competition fees, new flight of hurdles for track, purchase of a money counter for the AD office, portable AED machine for the Trainers, laptop for AD Department use, field phones for Football, heart rate monitors for XC, range finders for Golf, Girls Tennis uniforms, funds for coaches camps and professional clinics, and more!

2013-2014 (Nov 2013 – Oct 2014)Revenue from bingo $86,570

Other revenue sources (includes membership, Reverse Raffle, Golf outing, etc) $20,056

Donations to the Athletic Department totaling $87,000

New weight room equipment purchases  $60,000

Met additional needs including Bowling tournament fees, $ 5,000 toward Varsity football uniforms, Boys Basketball warmups and a new STIM Machine for Athletic Training Room.  

2014-2015 (Nov 2014 – Oct 2015)Revenue from bingo $116,630 (purchased $10,000 in new equipment)

Other revenue sources (includes membership, Reverse Raffle, Golf Outing, etc) $20,000

Donations to the Athletic Department totaling $95,870

Support of all teams and the AD, including Record boards and signage for weight room, Phase II weight room, Uniforms and clothing budgets for Athletic trainers, Cheer, Golf, Track, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Girls & Boys Basketball, Summer league costs, Jugs machine for football,  Starting blocks for track, Spring training facilities rental for Baseball and Softball, supporting indoor Track, Chip timing the XC Invitational, Rain gear for fall sports, Remotes for the gym, competition fees and much more.

2015-2016  (Nov 2015 – Oct 2016)Revenue from bingo $ 95,102

Other revenue sources (includes membership, Reverse Raffle, Golf Outing, etc) $10,000

Donations to the Athletic Department totaling $91,000

Additional support of the AD ($35,000) due to cuts from the District, Scholarships for seniors, uniforms, summer leagues, rain gear, facilities rentals for baseball and softball, sponsorships of Willoughby youth teams

All of this would not be possible without countless hours of volunteerism from parents and community members.

Bingo Volunteers – Bingo remains our number one fundraiser, and this fall we celebrated 40 years of Bingo.  Unlike any other fundraiser, we make money every week from the community, with parents contributing only time.  We thank all of the parents and coaches who work at our weekly game.    

Volunteer gate workers (Varsity football and JV and Varsity indoor sports such as Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball and Wrestling).  Game workers volunteer their time so skilled positions do not have to be paid for.

ACADEC – South’s Academic Decathlon team works each Monday after school to set up and wash all of the tables required for bingo.  We are proud to make a donation to their team for the service they provide.

Sports teams – Sports South sport teams have the opportunity to work clean up each week after bingo (table and chair tear down, garbage removal).  We are proud to make a donation to the teams who are willing to help the bingo process.  Also, we are thankful for teams like Swimming, and Boys Track, who pick up nights when other teams are unable to do clean up.  

Bingo crew – There is a core group of people who help with bingo each and every week.  They are the center of the game, and we greatly appreciate all of their volunteer time and true effort to make our game the best in town.  

Jim Fastzike Tami Grangi Linda Barrus – caller Denice Grzincic – caller

John Grzincic – caller Sue Luck Jay Munitz Randy Richmond – caller

Sid Saks Chip Urban Chuck Lefloc Debbie Shockey

Ed Paul Betty Nekic Vicki Ruple Steve Nelson

Brian Blasinsky Jackie Storts Nadia Delgado Billy Balante

The Willoughby Police Department South Custodial Staff

The Rebel Families Concession Staff (led by Jackie Messina, Rebecca Harmon, Cindy Sellers, Joyce Fiebig and Ann Smrekar)

We do what we do to improve the athletic programs at South High.  None of this would be possible without the generous donations of time, talents and money.